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Learning beyond the textbook with Skype

Unfortunately, Serbian educational institutions, primary schools in particular, are still far behind their counterparts in wealthier, more advanced countries in the number of computer classrooms and, therefore, the extent to which technology is employed in schools. In addition, there are syllabi and curricula restrictions that are imposed on EFL teachers, making it more difficult for them to incorporate ICT in their classes. However, these are not necessarily insurmountable obstacles to making use of modern technologies in education. Through several examples of successfully conducted EFL lessons in a primary school setting, the speaker will illustrate how Skype can be utilized even with very limited resources as a means of achieving authenticity, overcoming spatial and cultural barriers, thus promoting both individual and collaborative learning. In this session, the speaker will share several ways to use Skype and videoconferencing to engage students and extend their learning, showing some of the examples from her own classroom ( Skype call with Fabian Cousteau while he was leading Mission 31, Mystery Skype with a school in South Africa, Skype collaboration with a school in Vietnam – learning about snakes, virtual field trip to Lisbon ZOO, Christmas traditions exchange with a class in the USA…). Although the aim of such interactive lessons, from the ESL teacher’s perspective is on the language in use and oral practice, the students also benefit because they link the knowledge of other subjects like Biology, Geography, Social Science, etc. with learning a foreign language.

Ana Živković
Osnovna škola "Čegar", Srbija

Ana has been teaching English as a foreign language at primary school "Čegar" in Niš, Serbia for 12 years. She is a Skype Master Teacher, Microsoft (MIE) Teacher Trainer, MIE Expert, MIE Fellow 2017, TEDxNiš speaker and Edmodo Ambassador. She is passionate about giving students an opportunity to "hold the steering wheel" and during her lessons she is trying to connect learning English with learning other subjects like History, Geography, Biology. One of her goals as a teacher is to inspire the next generation of scientists, explorers, global citizens and lifelong learners. She is a mom of a 6 year old and apart from teaching she enjoys geocaching, playing chess, crocheting and cake decorating.


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