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Sally Ride EarthKAM - snimanje površine Zemlje

The report summarizes an example of good practice in the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in natural science lessons in Franjo Malgaj Primary School. Within the program Sally Ride EarthKAM, which takes place under the auspices of the National American Space Agency (NASA), our students regularly carried out the shooting of the Earth's surface from the International Space Station (ISS). Our School has participated in several Sally Ride EarthKAM missions and we were also the first school from Slovenia that joined the NASA`s programme.

Sally Ride EarthKAM is designed to learn about natural sciences in the process of teaching. The result of participation in the programme is photographing the Earth`s surface by the camera attached on the ISS and analysing those photos in regular classes. That will be the main topic of my presentation on the conference – so, how can students and teachers connect to the Sally Ride EarthKAM, haw does the programme works, how can we take quality photos and finally which way can photos of the Earth`s surface been analysed.

Implementation of the program confirmed the usefulness of ICT in the process of natural science lessons teaching. Particularly encouraging was the students' approach because the program allows students a unique perspective view of the Earth`s surface from aboard the ISS. Therefore, all acquired photos have an educational and personal note.

All that questions will be answered so also Croatian teachers and students can fulfils all the technical conditions for the successful participation to the programme.

Jure Radišek
Osnovna šola Franja Malgaja Šentjur, Slovenija

Mag. Jure Radišek je profesor geografije i asistent ravnatelja u OŠ Franje Malgaja Šentjur, Slovenija. Radi i kao direktor tvrtke Protellus, L.L.C., koja se bavi prostornim planiranjem. Sudjeluje u raznim međunarodnim projektima poput Sally Ride EarthKAM, Erasmus+, Interreg cenral Europi i drugi. On je autor nekoliko konferencijskih doprinosa, stručnih radova i znanstvenih istraživanja.


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