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CARNet Users Conference 2017

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Digital Transformation and Education with experiences from Finland

World around us is transforming rapidly. How is education been impacted with the change. How to start the development of the successful future today. In the session we will go through some international transformation cases from curriculum development for technology innovations and how data may transform learning.

Kati Tiainen
Microsoft, Finska

Kati Tiainen is the Director of the Global Digital Learning Strategy team for Microsoft’s Worldwide Education organization. She works globally with Ministries of Education, NGO’s, education leaders, policy makers, schools and supporting education companies to help them realize the teaching and learning potential of Anywhere Anytime Learning. In this role

Previously Kati lead the global Partners in Learning for Schools program which developed and delivered education transformation models and resources that any school, or any school system can use to help students to achieve their full potential. Prior to Microsoft she was developing a rich content eLearing service Sanoma.

Kati is a Finnish K-12 educator. She has Master’s Degree in Education and has background working for the Teachers Union of Finland, leading eLearning Service Opit at the biggest Education Publisher in Scandinavia and has political experience as a Member of the Board of Education in the City of Helsinki.


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